Northern Illinois Beekeepers Association

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Essential Resources
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1 University of Illinois - Robinson Lab
My research group uses the Western honey bee, Apis mellifera, to understand the evolution and mechanisms of social behavior. Among the species of animals most attuned to their social environment are the social insects, which include the honey bee. They live in societies that rival our own in complexity and internal cohesion.
2 University of Illinois Pollinatarium
The University of Illinois Pollinatarium is the first free-standing science center in the nation devoted to flowering plants and their pollinators.
3 Michigan State University - "Cyberbee" is a service provided by Zachary Huang, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA. Formerly called (which is now synonymous with, the site was established as a portal for honey bee related information, which include honey bee biology, research and beekeeping. I have been slowly changing the site from a portal only site to a site with its own information as well.
4 University of Minnesota - "Freebees"
Posters, Management Tips and General Information
Posters are free to download from this page, but are not available in a printed format.
5 Penn State Bee Research
Penn State researchers are leading the research investigating the disappearance of honey bees.


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